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SQL (Day 2)

Course Length: 1 days

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  • Hands-on instruction by a certified instructor
  • Includes all course materials

Overview: Students will learn advanced queries and how to add, update, and delete data, tables, views, and indexes.

Prerequisites: SQL: Fundamentals of Querying or equivalent knowledge.

Target student: Students enrolling in this course should understand the basics of querying a database with the SQL command language. They should be comfortable issuing SELECT queries against one or more tables and understand query concepts, such as joins.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use advanced techniques for querying a database.
  • Query with subqueries.
  • Add data to a database.
  • Change and delete data from a database.
  • Create, alter, and delete tables, and create, use, and delete views.
  • Create and delete indexes.
  • Manage how data is altered through the use of transactions.
  • Create and drop databases.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Querying with unions and advanced joins
  • Querying multiple tables with unions
  • Advanced Joins
  • Calculating with COMPUTE
Lesson 2: Querying with subqueries
  • Subqueries
Lesson 3: Adding data
  • Inserting data
Lesson 4: Updating and removing data
  • Updating records
  • Deleting records
  • Deleting the contents of tables
Lesson 5: Manipulating tables and views
  • Creating tables
  • Modifying tables
  • Deleting tables
  • Adding and removing views
Lesson 6: Manipulating indexes
  • Adding and removing indexes
Lesson 7: Ensuring data integrity with transactions
  • Transactions
Lesson 8: Creating databases
  • Creating a database with SQL
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