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Microsoft Word 2010 - Level 2

Course Length: 1 days

Class Schedule
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  • Hands-on instruction by a certified instructor
  • Includes all course materials

This course is for people that need to know how to create or modify complex business documents and customized Word efficiency tools.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • manage lists.
  • customize tables and charts.
  • customize the formatting of a document using styles and themes.
  • modify pictures in a document.
  • create customized graphic elements.
  • insert content using Quick Parts.
  • control text flow.
  • use templates to automate document creation.
  • use the mail merge function.
  • use macros to automate common tasks.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Managing Lists
  • Sort, Renumber, and Customize a List
Lesson 2: Customizing Tables and Charts
  • Sort Table Data
  • Control Cell Layout
  • Perform Calculations in a Table
  • Create Charts
Lesson 3: Creating Customized Formats with Styles and Themes
  • Create or Modify a Text Style
  • Create a Custom List or Table Style
  • Apply Default and Customized Document Themes
Lesson 4: Modifying Pictures
  • Resize a Picture
  • Adjust the Picture Appearance Settings
  • Wrap Text Around a Picture
  • Insert and Format Screenshots in a Document
Lesson 5: Creating Customized Graphic Elements
  • Create Text Boxes and Pull Quotes
  • Draw Shapes
  • Add WordArt and Other Special Effects to Text
  • Create Complex Illustrations with SmartArt
Lesson 6: Inserting Content Using Quick Parts
  • Insert Building Blocks
  • Create Building Blocks
  • Modify Building Blocks
  • Insert Fields Using Quick Parts
Lesson 7: Controlling Text Flow
  • Control Paragraph Flow
  • Insert Section Breaks
  • Insert Columns
  • Link Text Boxes to Control Text Flow
Lesson 8: Using Templates to Automate Document Creation
  • Create a Document Based on a Template
  • Create a Template
Lesson 9: Automating the Mail Merge
  • Use the Mail Merge Feature
  • Merge Envelopes and Labels
  • Create a Data Source Using Word
Lesson 10: Using Macros to Automate Tasks
  • Automate Tasks Using Macros
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