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Microsoft SharePoint Hands-On Boot Camp (SharePoint for Power Users and Site Owners)

Course Length: 5 days

Class Schedule
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  • Includes roundtrip airfare and lodging (for boot camps held in Georgia)
  • Hands-on instruction by a certified instructor
  • Includes all course materials
  • On-site Testing
  • Lunch & Snacks provided each day

In this hands-on SharePoint training course you will get an understanding of the "big picture" of SharePoint from an expert SharePoint consultant and instructor. Our comprehensive approach provides you with all the key learning objectives you need to know to plan, deploy, customize and manage your SharePoint implementation. The SharePoint Hands-On Boot Camp is the perfect course for anyone who wants to cover the core concepts of SharePoint Governance, Administration, Operations, and Customization in a single course.

What You Will Learn

After attending this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the architectural differences between SharePoint 2013 and previous versions to better leverage your infrastructure investments
  • Understand SharePoint Installation and Upgrade processes
  • Transform your business with SharePoint's socialization features including the new community portal and sites
  • Get hands on with SharePoint's new branding and design capabilities for public facing internet sites and intranets
  • Understand SharePoint's new web content management features to simplify the designing and publishing of your sites
  • Understand SharePoint's records management and compliance features
  • Learn to optimize your SharePoint viewing experience across multiple mobile device platforms
  • Connect to and use external data from a variety of sources with SharePoint's Business Connectivity Services
  • Understand how to use SharePoint's business intelligence features to better manage organizational goals, processes and performance improvements

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone responsible for creating and managing a business process or knowledge sharing platform, including:

  • SharePoint Administrators
  • SharePoint Power Users and Content Managers
  • Web Developers & Designers
  • Project Managers
  • System Managers
  • IT Directors
  • IT Management

Course Outline

I. Understanding SharePoint 2013
  • A. What SharePoint?
  • B. Changes from Previous Versions
  • C. New Features in 2013
  • D. Installing SharePoint 2013
  • E. Upgrading to SharePoint 2013
II. Understanding SharePoint Governance
  • A. What is Governance?
  • B. Creating a Governance Road Map
  • C. Governance Best Practices
  • D. Planning Your Deployment
III. Administration of SharePoint
  • A. The Central Administration Tool
  • B. Initial SharePoint Configuration
  • C. Service Configuration
  • D. Backup and Recovery
IV. Understanding SharePoint Hierarchies
  • A. The Four Content Levels
  • B. Managing Content
  • C. Creating Site Collections
  • D. Creating SharePoint Sites
  • E. Working with Site Settings
  • F. Security and Permissions
V. Collaboration and Socialization with SharePoint
  • A. User Profiles
  • B. My Sites
  • C. SharePoint's Collaborative Features
  • D. SharePoint Newsfeeds
  • E. SharePoint Communities
VI. Working with SharePoint Lists
  • A. What are SharePoint Lists?
  • B. Out-of-the-Box Lists
  • C. Custom Lists
  • D. Extending List Functionality
  • E. Integration with Microsoft Office
VII. Working with SharePoint Libraries
  • A. What are Libraries?
  • B. Understanding the Out-of-the-Box Templates
  • C. Working with Libraries
  • D. Customizing Document Libraries
VIII. Content Types and Data Customization
  • A. What are Content Types?
  • B. Examining Default Content Types
  • C. Creating Content Types
  • D. Content Type Settings
IX. Enterprise Content Management
  • A. Managed Metadata
  • B. Document Sets
  • C. eDiscovery
X. Understanding SharePoint Designer
  • A. What is SharePoint Designer?
  • B. Using SharePoint Designer
  • C. Working with Additional Data Sources
XI. InfoPath Form Services
  • A. What is InfoPath?
  • B. Working with InfoPath
  • C. Designing Forms with InfoPath
  • D. Publishing InfoPath Forms to SharePoint
  • E. Submitting InfoPath Form Results
  • F. Implementing Workflows to Process InfoPath Forms
XII. SharePoint Workflows
  • A. What are Workflows?
  • B. Changes in the Workflow System
  • C. SharePoint Workflow Templates
  • D. Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer
  • E. Reusable Workflows
XIII. An Introduction to SharePoint Business Intelligence
  • A. What is Business Intelligence?
  • B. Business Intelligence Considerations
  • C. Excel Services
  • D. Access Web Services
  • E. Other Business Intelligence Features
XIV. SharePoint Search
  • A. New Search Capabilities
  • B. Configuring Search
  • C. Optimizing Search
  • D. The Search Experience
XIV. Customizing SharePoint
  • A. Site Definitions and Templates
  • B. List and Library Templates
  • C. SharePoint Themes
  • D. Master Pages
  • E. Page Layouts
  • F. Navigation is your best choice for Hands-On SharePoint, Hands-On SharePoint training, Hands-On SharePoint certification, Hands-On SharePoint certification boot camp, Hands-On SharePoint boot camp, Hands-On SharePoint certification training, Hands-On SharePoint boot camp training, Hands-On SharePoint boot camp certification, Hands-On SharePoint certification course, Hands-On SharePoint course, training Hands-On SharePoint, certification Hands-On SharePoint, boot camp Hands-On SharePoint, certification Hands-On SharePoint boot camp, certification Hands-On SharePoint training, boot camp Hands-On SharePoint training, certification Hands-On SharePoint course.

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